As one of the biggest stores on eBay, Office are a joy to work with. This Volo integrated eBay Store shows off a wonderful design and simple yet elegant and effective navigation and product filtering.

The custom Advanced Search Filter Widget on this store allows for super quick and accurate product searches. With a quick-search widget giving real-time stock searches, and an eCommerce style navigation make this eBay Store perform like a full eCommerce shop.

Office reported a boost in sales following the widget and storefront integration. Increased user experience and product visibility ultimately increases sales and basket sizes.

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  • eBay Store
  • eBay Widgets

Installed Widgets

  • Custom Advanced Search Filters
  • Quick Search Widget
  • CMS integration
  • Cross-Promotion Widget
  • Responsive Design
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eBay Store | eBay Widgets
eBay Store | eBay Widgets

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