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Web Vitality, Federation House,
2 Federation Street, Manchester, M4 4BF


Established over 10 years ago, Web Vitality has grown into one of Manchester's best eCommerce agencies. Our highly experienced team can assist on everything eCommerce but specialise in Web Design, SEO and PPC. We are proud of the amazing work we do and the fantastic results we deliver for our clients.

Who are we?

After starting out life as just a Digital Marketing Agency, Web Vitality quickly grew into something much more special, allowing us to help both new and existing clients in a much more rounded way by offering a few more services.

We didn’t want to become all things to all men so decided to only add services that we can confidently say we specialise in. Services such as PPC and web design. We didn't want to leave it there either as wanted to be even more niche so decided that we would focus our skill set with eCommerce.

We all work remotely these days but have our base out of City Centre Manchester. We work hard on a daily basis which is why we proudly say that “we are dead good at digital” As we remote work (mostly) this allows us to employ some of the best eComm experts from around the globe whilst making our prices very competative and our service mint. We don't employ freelancers everybody who works with us is a full time member of our team.

If you want to work with us give us a bell on 0161 660 0423 or pop in for a brew.

Our Approach

We know that noticeable results are what matter which is why we chose to specialise in eCommerce. By doing this it allowed us to drill down on one particular niche to help increase sales and profitability for all our clients.

Every client we take on is handled in exactly the same way and with the same attention to detail by one of our specialists. We only offer the services we advertise because we know we are good at them.

The best way to look after a client (apart from producing awesome work) is to keep them informed. This is part of our core values that we like to work to. Everybody working with Web Vitality is kept informed at all times through emails, phone calls and via our agile management software.

If you want to work with an agency that produces amazing results and keeps you informed at every stage then give us a shout.

Our Gaff

We wanted to be around like minded people so moved our head office into Co-ops Federation on Federation Street (Surprisingly enough)

We liked the idea of The Federation as they house a community of digital businesses and innovators in Manchester and are built on ethical values which is right up our street.

It’s a wicked historical building slap bang in the Centre of Manchester next to the Print Works and has a Co working area, meeting rooms aswell as event space for their community all in all a hugely inspiring place which helps us provide an excellent service to our client base.

White Labelling

We mention our white labelling services a lot throughout our site so thought we would include it here too (Why not). We work with agencies in Manchester and across the UK some discretely and some as strategic partners.

By offering only the services that we do we can compliment a lot of other agencies out there (or freelancers) that want to sell our services but don’t have the expertise in house or are that do have the expertise but are just to busy with their current workload and need a little help. We can help as much or as little as you like and are also happy to work on an adhoc basis.

Don’t be shy give us a bell and lets chat some more.

Our Team...