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Building an eBay Store isn't hard, building one that wows is. Working with major retailers such as Very, Littlewoods, Office, Sports Direct, Animal, Dune and Foot Asylum you can be sure that our offerings will wow your customers in the same way.

Having several years experience working with some of the biggest names on eBay as well as small sole traders, we can tailor everything to suit you, building beautiful stores with all the bells and whistles you would expect from a top supplier.

With 50% of eBay sales now coming through mobile devices you need an eBay stores and listing template that can react to these statistics. All our eBay work is of the highest quality, fully mobile responsive, completely active content free and full of features you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else at this quality!

Having written the Best Practice Guidelines for eBay themselves, Manchester based Web Vitality are in first position to be fully compliant with eBay while offering some innovative products to make your products more readily available than ever before.

Read on to find out how we can help you dominate eBay!

Dune London
eBay Stores | eBay Widget
eBay Stores | eBay Widget

eBay Templates

Its not enough today to use eBays standard listing template so why not benefit from one of our custom designed eBay listing templates to further entice your eBay visitors to purchase your item. Don’t relay on the standard listing to make the sale, especially if your competitors are already using them.

All our eBay listing templates are competitively priced, 100% mobile responsive and 100% active content free ensuring that anything provided by Web Vitality will stand the test of time. We continually work with eBay to improve our listing templates and ensure they meet their guidelines.

Easily integrate our eBay templates into a wide variety of listing tools such as Channel Advisor, M2E, Volo, Channel Unity, Turbo Lister and more. Talk to us about integration if your solution is not listed as we can tailor our listing templates to integrate with most platforms.

Check out our conversion widgets by reading below

Give your customers an amazing user experience, increase stock visibility and increase your sales today!

Anns Cottage
eBay Templates | eBay Widget
eBay Templates | eBay Widget

eBay Widget: Search Filter

Don't lose your customers to other sellers if they want to find other items: With this eBay widget you can help customers find the product they want by allowing them to filter down via custom attributes set by yourself. Attributes such as size, colour, style to name a few, all keeping visitors on your store rather than back on eBays index page.

Working with us will require your time and effort too. Don’t expect to pay your money and leave us to it. Clients who get the best and quickest results get involved, work closely with us on ideas, provide feedback when requested, help us with content and link building strategies etc. You know your business better than we do so helping us along the way will get you results faster.

Filter attributes can be set by you and be whatever you like so don’t feel restricted to the standard attributes. If your store uses other filters simply let us know and we will drop them in for you.

This widget can be put on our category pages and any of our professional eBay templates.

The Biggest Toy Store
eBay Widgets | Search Filter
eBay Widgets | Search Filter

eBay Widget: Cross Promotional Carousel

Don't lose your customers to other sellers if they want to find other items: With this eBay widget you can cross-promote similar items in a stunning carousel to persuade users to look at your other items and not other sellers.

The widget can be placed on item template or storefront. 

Read on to find out how else we can help you with eBay.

Active Content, Mobile Responsiveness And More

99.9% of eBay stores and eBay listing templates are built using active content, such as Javascript and Flash. As of June 2017 eBay are removing the use of active content from its listing templates. It has also been documented that as of 2018 they will also be removing active content from their storefronts also.

Web Vitality have already prepared for this so ALL of our new builds will be completely active content free future proofing your eBay store and eBay templates from any future active content free updates.

Every single store or listing template we produce is also 100% mobile responsive so you don’t have to worry about your eBay visitors being able to view your items on any mobile device.

Price is always important which is why we have priced all our eBay stores, eBay templates and eBay Widgets competitively. It costs you nothing to ask so if you are in or around Manchester feel free to visit or please get in touch via our contact form and find out how we can help you dominate eBay.

from £375 eBay Listing Templates

from £750 Complete eBay Stores

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