What Does My Web Hosting Include?

Company News | 9th May 2016 | Mark


Once we have completed a web site we always offer clients reliable web hosting. They need somewhere to put their new site for it to appear on the Internet so why not use our servers.

For most web site providers the confusion then lies as to who is responsible for maintenance and up keep of the site going forward. This quick blog post outlines what clients can expect from their web hosting from Web Vitality. We can’t speak for everybody here but this is what we offer.

Our client hosting fees pay for a place on our dedicated server that allows their website to be visible on the internet. In addition to this we back up the sites regularly and store these files should they ever need to restore an older version of the site.

Hosting DOES NOT cover ongoing maintenance, plugin updates, patches, site changes or website hacks. These are all chargeable unless a retainer based maintenance plan has been purchased.

Why Take Out A Maintenance Plan?

Most web companies will offer maintenance plans and there are a number of reasons to take one out. In our case our maintenance clients’ benefit from, reduced hourly rates and priority support. Another benefit that you cannot put a price on with regards to taking up a support plan is “peace of mind”. Why?


Hacking is becoming more and more of a problem these days with thousands of sites getting hacked every single day. Website owners believe these attacks are personal but we want to assure you they are not. Hackers blast out bots to crawl the web looking for inconsistencies within websites. If they find one they will exploit it on mass.

Inconsistencies come in many shapes and sizes but are usually a result of poor website maintenance. When we launch a site it is launched with all of the latest plugins, patches and versions of whatever software was used during the build.

Unless a maintenance/support plan has been put in place it is then the responsibility of the website owner to keep the website updated and secure.

Cleaning a site after it has been hacked is a very difficult task and very time consuming. The costs to do this can vary a great deal depending on the severity of the attack. For no other reason than hacking prevention we would advise getting in touch with your web provider to enquire about their support packages as “piece of mind is invaluable”

For information on our support / maintenance packages please drop us an email info@webvitality.co.uk stating support in the subject line and one of our staff will fire over some details.

Disclaimer: If a hacker wants to hack your site they WILL hack your site. All that can be done is to make it as difficult as possible so that that they move on quickly.