So…We went to Brighton SEO

Company News | 18th September 2013 | Mark

After scouring Tony Dimmock’s awesome complete collection of tips, slides, links and all other kinds of SEO nuggets from Brighton SEO 2013, it quickly occurred to me that the web would soon be awash with personal takeaways from agencies and digital folk all over the country.

So we figured, why not do something a bit different? Well, we’ve gone and done it; here’s our Brighton SEO 2013 journal.



12:05 – Just boarded the train; we got a cracking seat next to a window. I packed a bunch of Maoam in case the train breaks down, so I can’t see us getting into much trouble on the way. We can’t wait to see Brighton’s sandy beaches and lively funfairs!

We ate a bunch of Maoam on the way

12:10 – We’ve eaten all the Maoam. I’m getting quite shaky. I pocketed the last one but I think Mark spotted it; he keeps looking at me and grinding his teeth. I’m going to fake a trip to the toilet and force this down.

13:45 – Mark hasn’t said a word to anyone for an hour and a half. Kev keeps trying to make conversation but Mark pretends to answer his mobile every time. Chris is getting quite tearful. Hoping the calming atmosphere of the London underground will cheer everyone up.

15:15 – The London underground is not what I expected.

15:25 – Just boarded the last train of the journey; sandy beaches of Brighton here we come!


16:35 – POW indeed. The streets of Brighton are full of lively people on wheelieboards. I can hear the seagulls; the beach can’t be far off!

This guy

16:50 – Brighton’s sandy beaches… Just get me to the hotel.

Guest House Paradiso

17:05 – The hotel.

Bonding session

19.20 – Much like the Tardis, our hotel was actually much bigger on the inside than it looked. Our room is on the 7th floor, but with a nice view of the sea, so I’m glad. We found a nice pub called the Black Horse to relax in for a while. Some nice drunken students just wandered in. They keep shouting and playing with candles. Students are so cool.

He was happy I went and said that

20:15– Mark finally raised the Maoam incident; he said it would have been nice if I’d have asked him if he’d like the last one, but he wasn’t angry any more. I said there’s only one thing sweeter than Maoam, and that was him. Then he did this face.

Street Thai

21:00 – Time for some food. We all fancied Thai, but with my crippling nut allergy I was cautious. Luckily, our waitress knew more about Thai food than Danny Dyer knows about low budget films, so she sorted me out with a nice ‘Pad Sie Eew Moo’, which is Thai for “suitable for the genetically inferior”.

Monks make me hungry

21:35 – I don’t always take pictures of walls, but when I do I make sure they have monks on them.

The face

21:15 – Just one more drink before bed. Mark started pulling another face so we’re going to call it a night.



03:40 – Just woke up to the sound of clattering outside the window. I had a look down and saw a man grab what looked like a leftover bagel from the bin and then escape at unimaginable speed on a penny farthing. For a second I could have sworn it was Kelvin, but I know I’m being silly; he’d surely be in bed resting for the conference by now.

A well taken picture

09:10 – Grabbing a quick breakfast at a place across from Brighton Dome. I’m being careful to save the battery life on the camera, but I feel this picture is justified by its clever use of lighting and camera positioning.

SEO Rave

9:35 – Hurrah, BrightonSEO 2013 is beginning to fill out; I have my lanyard and my MOZ t-shirt that I’ll now wear for pilates. Everyone else seems ready and I just spotted a pick ‘n’ mix. Let’s do this.

Data never looked so stylish

10:00 – Mark and I just hit the studio theatre for the Networks session, the speakers are all sporting fantastic outfits, but my personal favourite is Peter A. Passaro’s smart casual number, who is rolling up his sleeves as he speaks enthusiastically about clustering data.

Happy Couple

We also learned that Majestic SEO is the best thing ever, and that many SEO’s associate silhouettes of an arguing man and woman, with their own bitter relationships.

Head hunt

11:20 – After a short break we’re straight into the dome for the creative session. Tell me if you can spot the back of your head.

11:35 – Just seen Kelvin nibbling on a bagel off stage. It’s probably just a coincidence.

11:45 – After hearing a great talk from Phil Nottingham on video hacks we took notes on putting together our own office studio.

20130917_161918 (1)

* Edit – Two days back in the office and here it is. First project will be Kev’s rendition of Purple Rain, to a backdrop of choice scenes from the actual film (starring Prince).

13:50 – We had Mexican for lunch, but it just occurred to me that I didn’t take a picture of the burrito I had, so I’ll source a picture from the web of a nice looking one when I get back.

Tasty dish

14:30 – Back in the dome for some Onsite action.

Fantastic view

14:35 – Fantastic view.

14:45 – Karl Pilkington sure knows a lot about keywords. Great insights.

15:10Lisa Myers showed us a Swan Ninja and a great video created on a budget for a client. I have a feeling I saw the wheelieboarder featured in the video hanging around the train station yesterday.

Pick 'n' Mix

16:10 – I’m getting in on this pick ‘n’ mix hype, hope I win!

16:40 – Just watched the first talk in the lightning session; turns out that the BBC is doing really well on the SEO front. Who knew?

16:55 – The sugar in this pick ‘n’ mix has just kicked in. I’m vibrating.

17:30 – Kelvin just handed that guy a penny farthing! I KNEW IT WAS HIM!

17:45 – We’re leaving a bit early so we have time to walk back to the hotel and help Kev choose a blouse for the after party.

18:00 – We decided to walk back along the seafront and take in some of the lively attractions.

Party central


Local art

18:15 – Well, that was fun. We thought we’d kick things up a notch by throwing some stones about the place.

Throwing stones at stuff

18:45 – We’re all ready and heading out to hit the after party! Can’t wait to get some great pictures of all the guys from the conference tonight on our trusty camera!

18:55 – We forgot the camera.

bubble bobble

19:00 – Wow the after party is certainly lively. I just noticed Bubble Bobble in the corner so that’ll be my spot for tonight.

19:10 – I love how confident some people are on karaoke. They always sound really good too.

21:50 – Onwards to the Funky Fish club! I hope the weather is…oh.

22:10 – Just dried my torso under the hand dryer. The bouncer didn’t look impressed when he walked in.

23:30 – Everybody’s dancing without me, so it’s time to shuffle in; think I’ll wrap this journal up until next time. Hope everybody else had a great time, see you all in April!