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Web Design | 26th April 2016 | Mark


It’s not very often we announce new site launches here but we are particularly proud of our latest site as it highlights the fact that having amazing imagery can transform what could have so easily have become a straight forward run of the mill site into something really exciting.

Who Doesn’t Like Diggers?

Everybody likes diggers and our latest site is full of them. Everybody welcome to the world, the new Woods Plant Hire website.


A mobile responsive site that shows off the amazing products on offer at Woods (plant hire only being part of it).

The client was very specific in terms of the type of design they were looking for which meant that we had to completely change what had already been provided by their original supplier. We added in a sticky navigation for a better user experience and encouraged the use of the hi-res images.

Great client to work for and we are really pleased with the site. Take a look and next time you need plant hire (don’t look anywhere else)

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