The Best Google Easter Eggs + Extras

Web Design | 30th May 2017 | Emily

Easter eggs are hidden surprises designed to catch you off guard and spark interest. You may have come across said “Easter eggs” in the likes of video games and movies. Well, thanks to creative developers, the Internet is also jam-packed with these awesome nuggets.

But, why take the time to produce Easter eggs? Typically, they do not add much functionality to a site so why bother? To answer this question we have picked the brain of our own developer, Adam Riley.

“Developers usually create Easter Eggs when they have free time. If they are part of a big company then they usually get allocated time too. However, the main reason is that they are fun to create.”

It seems to be a common theme, particularly on sites such as Reddit that finding Easter eggs is quite an achievement that should be proudly shared. We are jumping on this bandwagon too. In this article, we will be counting down some of the best Easter Eggs that we have come across. So, if you aren’t a fan of surprises we would very much advise that you stop reading here. Instead, check out 100 greatest kids TV shows from the 70s and 80s for a blast from the past. After all, we wouldn’t want you to leave our blog empty handed!

Google Maps Tardis

Are you a Doctor Who fan? If you are then you will fall in love this Easter egg. Head over to Google Maps and you will be able to explore the Tardis for yourself. Whilst I would love to take credit for finding this I owe a shout out to a bunch of Reddit users for informing a lax Doctor Who fan like myself. Now, it took me about 10 (no exaggerating) attempts to actually get inside so here are a few tips that can save you some time.

  • Click here to head to the correct location: 238 Earl’s Court Road, London, UK. You should see Earl Court Station for the London Underground close by.
  • Click near to the blue police box and you will eventually see arrows on the road to indicate areas where you can turn. The arrows will be extremely useful as they offer clues about your navigation. One arrow will point down the road, one arrow will point back, and eventually you will find an arrow that point toward the Tardis.
  • Alternatively, you could just be lazy and click this link to head directly inside.

Google Maps Loch Ness Monster

The antics of the Google team aren’t limited to the world of SCI-FI. They are also giving you the opportunity to hitch a ride on the Loch Ness Monster. If you have even a remote interest in the tale you can see it as a mode of transport between Fort Augustus and Urquhart Castle. It’s quicker than the bus… if only it were real! 

BONUS: If you are zoomed in enough you will see the little yellow man transform into the Loch Ness monster.

Skybet’s Fake Excel Spreadsheet

You’re half way through the working day and your work ethic is slowly but surely waning. You’ve decided to give yourself a break. has come up with a fake excel spreadsheet detracting attention away from anything unprofessional. This can be accessed by clicking the icon above the social buttons on the top right of the page. As cool as this may be, we suggest that you actually get some work done too.

Google Search Easter Eggs

Google is undoubtedly the Easter egg champion proving time and time again that it is much more than a search engine. However, if you want to have some fun with its search feature you can:

Google in 1998

Search for “Google in 1998” and the results will appear like they did back in 1998 when the company was founded.

Google Askew

If you do a quick search for the word “askew” you may be wondering if your monitor has glitched or if you’ve magically adjusted your computer’s display settings. In reality, it is Google implementing some life into SERPs. The same thing will happen if you search for the word “tilt”.

I’m Feeling Curious

Search for “I’m feeling curious”. If you don’t know about this one you may have been missing out on a lot of interesting titbits. With this search, Google offers you random facts constantly. In the name of research, I have been doing this on repeat for longer than I care to admit.

Blink HTML

Search for the term “Blink HTML” and wait for it. The words “Blink” and “HTML” should start to flash. For those who do not know what the blink tag is it is what developers could use to create blinking text on earlier versions of HTML. The tag has since deprecated but we can rely on Google to remind us of its uses.

Recursion. Recursion?

Ah, the irony. If you Google the word “recursion” you will get this.

The Bacon Game

Yes, this is real. The 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon game aims to prove that between any two celebrities on earth, there are only 6 people or fewer between individual one and Kevin Bacon. Searching ‘Bacon Number’ along with any actor/actress you can think of will display their Kevin Bacon number. EG: Johnny Depp Bacon number (that’s 2 if you’re wondering).

Google Anagram

Search anagram using Google and you should notice yet another weird spelling suggestion. It seems Google is also a fan of coinage.

BONUS: They did it not once, but twice. Search for anagram again but this time add define to the start of your search.


This Easter egg is a subtle one so here’s the difference:

With Easter egg:


Without Easter egg:


The Kanomi Code

Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, BA, start.

The Konami Code began life as a cheat code that would appear in many Konami video games. Today, the code remains a concealed command snuck into a number of websites. Surprisingly, the Konami website does not make use of the code. As an example head over to the Overwatch site…Headphone users be warned.

View page source

Something that most website designers will do at some point is to view the source of the site they are visiting. Take a look at some of the interesting finds you can uncover:

Barack Obama’s birthday card:

The developers who worked on Barack Obama’s birthday card page took the opportunity to promote OFA; an organisation established by the man himself.

Here are a few more cool designs…

Coca-Cola website:

Kit Kat website:


“Stop looking at code and have a break” … If you say so.

Google Easter Egg Games

What, you didn’t expect Google’s antics to end at the SERPs, did you? Google developers have also given us a number of games we can play to help us with procrastinate even more. Bare in mind you aren’t going to find games with the crisp graphics made possible with your favourite console or PC but you’re certain to have fun playing them.

Atari Breakout

To commemorate the original games’ 37th year anniversary, Google created “Image breakout”. In 1976, players were offered a blue paddle and a grey ball, which could then use to destroy all of the block layers. The modern game is just simple; all image results are turned into blocks that you have to eliminate. You have 5 lives and at the end of the game you can share your results across social media.


Conway’s Game of Life

Renowned mathematician John Horton Conway created the original game in 1970. “Life” is a “zero player” game, meaning the game’s progression is determined by the initial parameters and no further input is needed. Wait for a couple of seconds after searching Conway’s game of life should start automatically.

Flip a coin

Struggling to settle an argument? Google has you covered. Google has a nifty Easter egg that allows you to flip a virtual coin.

Sonic The Hedgehog and Super Mario Bros

We are going to call these mini eggs. Just try searching for Super Mario Bros and a block from the series should appear in the knowledge graph. Click it and you will hear the coin dispensing sound heard in the original game. The second mini egg is for all of the SEGA fans out there. Search for “Sonic the Hedgehog” you will find him impatiently tapping his feet in the knowledge graph. Clicking on him will encourage his trademark spin whereas if don’t click him he will quickly lose interest.

Note: I came back to the page and clicked Sonic some more. If you keep clicking Sonic he will enter super state.

Zerg rush

Zerg Rush is an Easter egg inspired by the popular game strategy series “StarCraft”. In this game, there are a number of species, one of which are known as “Zergs”. Zergs are known to overtake others using their large numbers as an advantage. A quick search for “Zerg Rush” will leave you witnessing your search results being destroyed by a surge of O’s. A green status bar is visible at the top left of the screen. This indicates how much health those little blue links have remaining. Every O will damage the search result until the health bar turns red and eventually disappears entirely. You can put an end to the O’s by clicking on them but be warned, reinforcements can sneak up on you from the bottom of the screen too.At the end of the game, O’s will form a GG sign, a gaming shorthand meaning “good game”. I have never been able to defeat the game and it seems others are asking the question is it possible to?

You’re nearing the end of this blog and there’s probably one question you still have. We can confirm that Easter eggs are a lot of fun but how important are they? We thought we’d ask our web designer Chris Regan about his views.

“Easter eggs are helpful for web designers as we can practice new skills that we may not be able to practice in everyday projects as there are no restrictions off clients. They also enable us to push ourselves and use the latest technologies available.”

These are by no means the only Easter eggs that can be found on the web so be sure to tell us your favourites!

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