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Planning and Reseach

After the initial inquiry comes in and before we submit a proposal we like to understand our client’s industry. Industry research kicks off all our projects even before we have submitted a proposal. We do this as we like to get a better idea of what our new potential client needs in a site so that we can put together a web design proposal that we are certain will do the job they expect. Our research then helps us work with the client to finalise their brief so we can submit our proposal before moving on to the design and functional specification stage of the project.


Once commissioned the fun really begins. This is the most exciting stage (apart from the launch of course) In order that both parties are on the same page a full and detailed functional web design specification will be put together along with a complete set of designs for authorisation. There may need to be a few meetings before we can get these over but that’s a small price to pay for greatness. Upon receiving approval our development team can then begin the build.


One of our team will be appointed as a direct contact and timelines are provided within the web design functional specification. It is important that our clients are kept up to speed with the progress of their web build which is why all new clients are given access to our Agile Project management platform. Our development team uses this to track their own progress so can be monitored by our clients in real time. The appointed contact will be in touch regularly with updates as we wouldn’t want you to feel left out would we?


Once the development has been concluded we begin our own in house rigorous testing regime. Cross browser, various mobile platforms no stone is left un turned. We test throughout the build of course but before handing it over for client testing we like to end to end test ourselves before doing so. This will catch the majority of bugs (If there any any) before we unveil to the client. Clients are encouraged to thoroughly test their new website until they are 100% happy with what they are seeing. Only once our clients are over the moon with their build will we put it live.


“Lets host a concert at Nebworth we will fill it” said Liam to Noel once but unfortunately not all website have the crowd pulling power that Oasis did. We can build the best website in the world but without a clear marketing strategy nobody will ever see it which is a great shame considering the blood, sweat, tears and hard work that has gone into it to get it on the internet. Post launch all new sites will be given a marketing proposal that will help the site grow and bring those all important visitors to the site. Its up to you if you “Roll with it” or not.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a website cost?

There are a lot of different factors that go into building a website such as what sort of site do you want? an ecommerce or brochure site, what are your timescales? are you providing your own branding and photography? do you want us to provide the copy? the list can go on and on. It is impossible to throw a figure out there without considering as many pricing factors as possible. It is very true that you get what you pay for and if somebody is happy to just provide an example price we would say avoid them like the plague. We provide value for money and our pricing is solely based on the amount of work that is needed to provide our customers the website they have asked for.

How long does a website take to build?

This depends on if you are having an ecommerce site or service site to start with and then will depend on what you are looking for. Another factor when determining how long a site will take is our development schedule. A website might take 100 hours to build from start to finish but generally agencies work on more than one build at a time so although you would only be charged for the build the time it takes could run over. We will provide a completion date and time during our proposal stage. This may be subject to change if more work is added.

Will my website be mobile responsive?

We haven’t mentioned mobile responsiveness on this page before now as this should just be a given today seeing as though people are turning to mobile devices as a first port of call for internet browsing. Every site that we build will be mobile responsive and tested cross browser and device for suitability.

Do you provide the website copy?

Yes we can provide the copy for your website but there will be additional charges. Speak to us at the proposal stage and we can provide you with prices. We always encourage our clients to provide their own content as nobody knows your products or services better than you. We suggest getting the copy to us as soon as possible as this is generally where the bottleneck comes when building a website so the sooner we receive the copy the sooner the site will be finished. We ill use Llorem Ipsum text to pad the website out until we receive the copy so our clients know how much space and copy is required

Do you provide images?

We always encourage our clients to provide their own images but we can provide images but there will be extra costs involved. Ask us at the proposal stage if you want us to include costs for images. Any images used on the site should be royalty free so be sure to check this

Is SEO built in?

SEO is very much an ongoing process so strictly speaking SEO is not built in. We do ensure that all our web builds are as search engine friendly as possible and will provide an SEO quote post go live.

Who owns my domain?

Even if we purchase your domain name on your behalf it remains your property and even if you have your domain name in your own account we can still use it. We can provide the relevant DNS Changes to make to ensure your website will display or you can provide us with your registrar logins and we can make the changes for you.

Will you look after my emails?

We will provide you with some emails for your website and will host them on your behalf. We will provide you with webmail access along with details for you to setup your individual mail clients.

When do I pay for my website?

We generally take a 50% deposit for new builds with the balance being paid upon satisfactorily completion however on big builds we may require agreed milestone payments. This will all be discussed and agreed during the proposal stage.

What if I need to make changes to my website?

We offer a seven day post go live period for any bugs to be reported at which point they will be fixed for free. After this any changes that are required will be chargeable and priced on a job per job basis. For simple changes all our sites come with tailored Content Management Systems so the majority of changes will be able to done by the client without any developer involvement.

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