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We have more than a few strings to our bow at Web Vitality, and for those of you who may not know, film writing, direction and production is just a few of them.

Today marks the release of our official movie trailer for upcoming summer blockbuster ‘The Secret’, a film that explores the trials and tribulations of the modern-day digital marketer; from the highs of enjoying success having found a process that works, to the sheer horror felt when signs of change are on the horizon.

Here’s a snippet from a recent interview with the cast in OMG Magazine

We caught up with some of the movie’s stars to find out a little more about the production.

Hi Mark, great to see you again! From what we can see in the trailer, you play the lead in The Secret; did you spend much time learning about the character before filming?

Mark: We’ve met before?

Yes, I actually interviewed you before the release of your break-through role in ‘Sweaty Palms’.

Mark: I don’t remember that. Anyway, yeah I spent a week in a trailer opening boxes and throwing money around. It was great for me on a deep personal level, I got some time to work through problems of my own, as well as getting to know the character inside and out.

I see…So this is your first time working with Daniel and Chris McGimpson, how did you guys feel working together?

Mark: They’re just great guys, really incredible people. I mean, it’s not every day you see a movie star make their own toast, but those two are just so down to earth, you know? It was really refreshing; plus their tolerance for talking to poor people kept the crew and fans away from me, which was a bonus.

Mark, thanks for your time

Mark: Yeah.

Chris and Danny, great to meet you for the first time!

Chris: Hey you too, hopefully not for the last time!

Chris I’ve got to say I’m loving your cardigan/shirt combination!

Chris: Thanks man, I got sent a bunch of free clothes the second my name was put to this movie!

Danny: I’m also wearing a cardigan and sh-

So how did you guys like starring alongside Mark Farrell?

Chris: Oh…yeah he’s a cool guy.

Danny: We didn’t see much of him between scenes.

So Chris, we heard on the grape vine that you may be romantically involved with Scarlet Johansen, is there any truth to this?

Chris: Aw…come one man, I don’t kiss and tell! She’s a great girl, great girl.

Danny: You know I actually got married yesterd-

Chris, it’s been a pleasure chatting with you. Thanks so much for seeing us.

Chris: Anytime, friend.

Danny: …

So, that rounds up our look at upcoming blockbuster ‘The Secret’. Catch it at a cinema near you this summer!

Mark Farrell

Post by Mark Farrell

Mark is the Managing Director and Leader at Web Vitality. His extensive experience and background in digital marketing led him to recruit the fastest, strongest and brightest Supers to join the Web Vitality heroes. For help with your SEO strategy get in touch today.

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