Conversion rate optimisation tips

3 Quick Changes That Will Boost Your Website’s Conversion Rate

October 1st 2014

Boost your website's conversion rate with the Web Vitality conversion bods!Conversion Rate Optimisation should play a vital part in any website overhaul. While most people tend to assume that improved site performance (in terms of acquiring sales and leads) is a case of increasing the number of visits to the site through SEO and PPC campaigns, 


What does the iPhone 6 mean for Web Designers?

September 10th 2014

Last night Apple finally revealed the highly anticipated iPhone 6 along with a new phablet the iPhone 6 Plus. We’ve taken a look at how these new products could possibly effect the future of web design and how we might incorporate these new features into our websites.


iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

So what’s new? The new iPhone’s are much bigger than previous models


Twenty Call Out Ad Extension Examples For Google Adwords

September 5th 2014

With Google rolling out the new Call Out Ad Extension functions within its Adwords platform we thought we would come up with a few ideas of what people could put in there to help increase their click through rates.


What Are Callout Ad Extensions I hear you say?


Web Vitality Sponsor Under 10′s Football Team

September 3rd 2014

Web Vitality are pleased to announce that we are now the proud sponsors of the under 10′s football team Lisbon St Anthonys Football club.


The first outing under our sponsorship saw us take a trip down to sunny Blackpool for what was to be, a very exciting tournament. The team played over two days competing in two different age groups. Both teams


Internet Speed World Cup 2014

June 11th 2014


With the World Cup almost upon us we have been sat around the office scratching our heads trying to come up with an idea for a new blog post. It has been a while and we didn’t want to let this major event pass us by without marking it in some way.

We have done what we are guessing most of you have done out there and had our very own Sweepstake all praying that we would pick out the likes of


Welcome to the New Web Vitality Office!

February 27th 2014

Stop the presses, somethings going down.

We’ve only gone and opened a new office right in the centre of Cheadle Hulme, and it’s the bomb!

This short post is aimed at more than one group of people, in fact it’s aimed at two groups of people: our trusty companions which we have formed a strong, unbreakable bond with over the

The Secret

The Secret – A Web Vitality Production

January 23rd 2014

We have more than a few strings to our bow at Web Vitality, and for those of you who may not know, film writing, direction and production is just a few of them.

Today marks the release of our official movie trailer for upcoming summer blockbuster ‘The Secret’, a film that explores the trials and tribulations of the modern-day digital marketer;


Twas the Night before Christmas at Web Vitality

December 16th 2013


This year at the Web Vitality household, good old St Farrell stopped by to bring his very own batch of Christmas jeer to the office.

Rewarding the good boys with some knee-top storytelling and sacks of top of the line


Content Marketing Research And The Results We Found

October 1st 2013

This month, we’ve taken on a new client, who offers a range of B2B IT services. Not the most exciting field at first glance, but with our content marketing expertise, we were pretty confident we could find something that was relevant, interesting and informative. After all…