Web Vitality On The Look Out

August 20th 2015


Web Vitality is opening its doors and is looking for a client facing SEO expert to join our team of super heros.

Looking for somebody to come on board and grow the SEO team and by implementing procedures and proven strategies. You’ll be able to project manage, strategies and communicate with clients whilst delivering outstanding SEO results.


100 Absolutely Amazing Kids TV Programs From The 70s and 80s

July 3rd 2015


We haven’t produced any blog posts lately so we thought we would come back with a bang and produce something we believe to be absolutely awesome. When I say we what I meant to say was me.

I’m not saying that we all don’t think it is an awesome piece of content because we do. What I should have said is that the content of the content appeals to me the most as I am the oldest (Only by a bit).

The Google Chrome Dinosaur is a fancy gent

The Hidden Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

February 27th 2015


I like to ride this dinosaur around the office and sometimes to the shops.

This past weekend I stumbled upon something beautiful in Google Chrome during a fit of rage that followed my home WiFi connection dropping out. 


Is Your Website Fast Enough?

February 26th 2015

Red Slow Label

Having a slow website just hurts everybody. As far back as 2010 Google let us all know that having a slow website will harm your SEO efforts.

Still, in 2015 I see websites that load really slowly. When it comes to site speed Google couldn’t make it any clearer. Could they?


What’s so Great about Business Referral Networking?

January 16th 2015

Business Referral Networking Is Awesome!

During the last leg of 2014, I joined a business referral-networking group in Stockport, and I was almost instantly sold on the value of the group.

I had (and still have) many preconceived notions about typical networking. You know the drill; you get your free coffee and croissant and then set about mingling with other attendees who are touting for new business.

Harry joins the Web Vitality team!

A New Hero Joins the Web Vitality Supers!

A new member joins the Web Vitality Team!

Web Vitality would like to welcome a new member to our web marketing team, our new Junior SEO Executive Harry Garrity!

Keen to get some great hands-on experience and bring his creative spark to the table, Harry is ready to take on all of the rich and varied experiences that come with digital marketing.

Merry Christmas from the Web Vitality Team!

Merry Christmas from the Web Vitality Team!

December 19th 2014

Season’s Greetings Y’all!

Well, what a fun and interesting year it has been; from meeting some fantastic new clients for both our Digital Marketing & Web Design services to heading out and meeting new people at various business events around the country!


Are Google Scamming Advertisers with Display Ads?

December 11th 2014

Danny is not impressed!

Word on the street is that a ton of online marketers are becoming more and more concerned about the visibility of the online ads that their clients and employers are forking out for; in many cases fearing they aren’t being seen at all.