A Change In Direction

Company News | 2nd July 2013 | mark

Just like Doc Brown we have decided to go Back to the future. We have been at the forefront of SEO for a long time now but feel that the time is right to move in a slightly different direction.


Over the coming months Web Vitality will transform from a Digital Market agency into a fully fledged Content Marketing agency. At first glance that might sound like quite a drastic decision however when you take a deeper look at the way search engines are valuing content it really isn’t that far from what we are doing right now.

Why Change?

With Google getting better and better at rewarding great content we have been producing better and better content for our clients. The majority of our time these days seems to be spent creating beautiful content in various formats and then promoting it so it makes sense for us to move in that direction and specialise in one discipline.

You can take the word SEO off the website but you can’t take SEO out of what we do which is why any current and future clients will benefit even more as we have all of the knowledge of an SEO agency when putting together great content strategies. These concepts will form the back bone of everything we do going forward. All we are basically doing is continuing with what we do best with content being at the forefront of our future efforts.

What Helped Our Decision?

Google is putting a lot of emphasis on great content so we need to adapt our approach in order to survive. Looking at the search trends it is easy to spot that searches around SEO are plateauing, even slightly dipping whilst more people are coming around to the idea that great content is the future:



We are currently putting together a portfolio of some recent content we have produced with the statistics based around it to show off what we have been doing.

We are still going to look after our current clients as we always have done only they will benefit more as we get better at producing new content. Keep an eye out on the site as it evolves over the next couple of months.

We will also be adding a section to the site called other media where we will promote, SEO, PPC, CRO and lots more digital services so that if we get asked by our clients for help in other areas we can point them in the right direction. If you feel that your agency is worth adding drop me an email using the contact form and we can have a chat.

Watch this space

For those Eagle eyed people out there you should have hopefully noticed the two spelling mistakes in the image above. If you did then well done, you must have really looked at the image. If not go check and then slap your wrist for assuming we had gotten in right/