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Web Vitality, Federation House,
2 Federation Street, Manchester, M4 4BF

Creative Industries Federation Case Study

The Creative Industries Federation is an independent non-profit organisation that supports the UK's creative industries. With over 10,000 indivdual members, the Creative Industries Federation highlights the amazing work carried out by creatives across the UK and helps clear any obsticles in the way of growing the industry.

We helped Creative Industries Federation with microsite project during the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, which has since snowballed into a larger project and other continued work.

A Whole New Platform

Microsite That Evolved

Originally, Creative Industries Federation appraoched Web Vitality for microsite which was home to there resources for COVID-19. This evolved into a website that advertised the fantastic deals the Creative Industries Federation was offering on the memberships as a result of COVID-19.

After launching the website, the team over at Creative Industries Federation we're that happy with the website and easy to use content management system, they decided to refocus the website into the main membership website for the organisation.

Bespoke Theme Development

We don't do themes and templates. Everything we build and design is unique to each projects and tailored for our client. We worked closely with the fantastic design team over at Creative Industries Federation to design a simple and easy-to-use website that was designed to encourage users to sign up for memberships.

HubSpot Integration

The websites membership works through a clever integration with HubSpot. This allows Creative Industries Federation to keep all there sign-ups in a centralised location and also allowed them to seamlessly take payment for memberships.

Easy to Use CMS

The fantastic team at the Creative Industries Federation are delighted with how easy to use the backend system of the website is. The new website uses the WordPress platform but instead of using 3-party page building plugins, we've decided to build the backend through Wordpress's own page builder which gives a more native feel and makes everything so much easier to use.

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