Flooring and Fabrics

Flooring and Fabrics

At Web Vitality we pride ourselves on adapting to our client needs. With Flooring and Fabrics our client didn't know what he wanted. All he knew was that his current site wasn't working for him at all. We were pretty much given a free reign so set about creating soething beautiful.

We noticed that Flooring and Fabrics was very brand heavy so we made sure this was clear to any visitors who landed. We wanted to showcase his products as his conversion was more people in his showroom and more telephone enquiries. We decide to really focus on teh products and add lots of big images.

To finish off we wanted to add some interactivity to the site so included hot spots on the home page that when clicked give the visitor more information on that particular product.

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Really like my new website, great value and great to work with.
Craig Stack, Managing Director

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