70's & 80s TV Shows

70's & 80s TV Shows

This was an internal project for our own website that Mark decided on after seeing lots of nostalgic posts on Facebook. We wanted to take it a step further than anything else that was out there so decided o go out and grab a minimum of 100 70's and 80's kids tv shows.

Not wanting to stop there we thought it would be a nice touch to add all of teh theme tunes to each of the shows just to give our visitors that extra nostalgic kick. The team set about researching all over the internet to find each and every theme tune.

The result of our hard work was a lot of social shares and over 10,000 unique pageviews. As it was an internal project we didn't perform any manual outreacch but as this content was 100% unique and quality it also received some 100% organic links so it just goes to show that quality content can produe organic links (if its good enough)

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Great internal project that brought back a lot of memories and was very well received

10,000 Unique Page Views

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