100 Awesome Things

100 Awesome Things

The idea behind this project was that we wanted a content piece that would be fun for everybody to shared link to that wasn't directly related to selling Bathrooms. With this in mind we had to come up with an idea that would appeal to most people. We decided to go down the funny route as humour always works well in terms of shares and links

The content piece itself is broken down individually into statements with images. Each statement can be shared individually which makes it a little more fun for the user. In addition to this we split the content up with images that we used to post out via the clients social profiles to further boost its exposure. This process resulted in some nice social shares for the client.

Finally links don't just come to a piece of content so we spent time outreaching to other websites to reveiw and mention on their own blogs. These efforts resluted in over fifty links to the content which is excellent.

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Fun content idea related to our target audience and site content Enjoyed sharing it.

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