UK Data Sources To Help With Your Link Building

SEO | 24th March 2017 | Mark

Having great data is a huge plus when it comes to link building and makes things a lot easier. The good news is that there is a lot of data already out there that we can all benefit from.

Here at Web Vitality, we have built up a large bank of rich data sources that we tap into from time to time in order to help our clients. Not all of the sources will be relevant to everybody and we wouldn’t want to give everything away.

In the interests of transparency and a wanting to share we have listed below some of the data sources we use on a regular basis when link building for our SEO clients.

We have gone into a little detail about each one to help you decide whether or not to click. We can assure you that each site is jam packed with free data that will help you to produce a beautiful infographic or an interesting graph and will allow you to earn links from some good reputable sources.

The Office Of National Statistics

This site is one of our favourites as it is the UK’s largest independent producer of official statistics and recognised national statistical institute of the UK.

Office of national statistics

NHS Digital

When looking for medical data we head to NHS Digital as this is an excellent source for data relating to health and care within the UK.

NHS Digital

European Union Open Data Portal

We don’t use this one often but this site is an excellent resource and single point of access to a growing range of data from the institutions and other bodies of the European Union (EU).

European pen data portal

UK Data Archive

This site goes out and gets data and also claims to have the largest collection of social and economic data from the UK. It’s a little clunky to use but if you have time to spend then you can still pull some great nuggets of data from it.

UK data archive

The UK Data Service

This is another site that has social and economic data but we use this when we are looking for population data. It does have much of the same information on it as the UK Data Archive but provides an alternative to the above. If you have time to look you can also get some other great insights from here. However, be prepared to dig for it!

UK data service

Companies House

Companies House is our go to location when we are looking for company information and reports. The juicy stuff sits mainly behind a paid portal but the rates are very reasonable.

Usually to get anything of interest you will have to purchase individual reports. You can then collate the information yourself as they do not provide much collective data.

This shouldn’t be a problem as time-consuming data usually means that somebody else probably won’t have obtained it before you.

Companies House (almost free)

Google Trends

Very helpful for seeing what is currently trending. The downside to Google is the data is already well presented and there are not many people in the SEO world who don’t know about it and haven’t already used it to death.

For this reason we use Google trends to spark other content ideas.

Google trends

The police publish crime data and maintain their site very well. For all crime related figures this is where we head.

We can drill down to specific locations and even plug into their API. This is such a great resource for crime related figures and we cannot recommend it enough. It is very intuitive and easy to use which makes getting what you need really simple.


Client Databases

This may seem like a cop-out in that anybody reading this will not be able to tap into our client’s databases for useful data as we can. However, what you can do is look at your own client data as there is always something you can harness. Buying trends etc. When looking for data this is often the first place we will go as it’s free and more importantly 100% unique.

Our Own Surveys

Another source where you can’t easily get your hands on our data but another favourite of ours is to conduct our own surveys. In order for this to work you need to ensure you hit the correct demographics and have enough people to actually take the surveys. Facebook is a great resource for this and you will have no shortage of people wanting to voice their opinions for very small remuneration (in most cases).

Bank Of England

Low on pickings for us but we thought we would include it anyway. If you are looking for financial information presented in a not so friendly way then the BOE is the place to look. It will only work if you are in a financial related niche obviously but don’t over look it as it is a huge authority.

Bank of England

We wanted to end on a high and debated whether or not to include this but then we figured you would end up here if you looked at all of the above. is the hub for all of the government agencies and is the home to the out links for all of their sites.

Whereas the ONS pulls loads of statics together in one place Gov.Co.Uk is the door to them all. If you are looking for sold property data and were not familiar with the Land Registry you could get to it from here making it an excellent starting point for any data campaign.

Government portal


Like we said at the beginning this list is a small snippet of some of the data sources we use here at Web Vitality. We didn’t go into to much detail as to what they all can be used for as you can find that out for yourselves. It’s by no means an exhaustive list or the best list out there but we use the list and have got some great SEO results from them.

If you would like some help with your SEO or want to know more about Web Vitality SEO then head over to our SEO Page for more information. If you want to get in touch then go to our contact page for details on how best to get in touch.