Particularly coveted by the under-25 demographic, over 150 million people access the ephemeral application called Snapchat. In just four years it has reportedly become a bigger part of our lives than Twitter. Which comes as a virtual pat on the back for the company after doubts were cast following their rejection of Facebook’s £3 billion buyout attempt.

Behind the popularity:

Fact: we live in a decade of selfies and sharing but only 12% of snaps are sent to more than one recipient at a time. Self -destructing images offer the ideal opportunity to socialise lives with whomever we choose without leaving an unwanted digital footprint.

Widespread fabrication of content leaves a mark across social media causing audience disengagement. Snapchat refrains from the likes of extreme editing features, which is almost unheard within the photo-sharing niche.

Images and short videos on Snapchat are opportunistic or “in the moment”. They can be delivered directly to friends providing greater sharing freedom. Optionally, the longer lasting “story” feature allows users to compile a montage of images of videos documenting their day and lasting 24 hours.

Snapchatters have proven to be funny, talented, and artsy inspiring individuals beyond even the app itself…

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 12.15.20

Youtuber NikkieTutorials recreates a look inspired by a Snapchat filter.

Instagram Vs. Snapchat

Snapchat privacy is theoretically better but recipients can still screenshot content. The worst-case scenario of less wholesome content being captured knocks the reliability of the self-destructing image.

But note that this feature can be used for fun too! The user is always notified if a snap is either replayed or screenshotted unlike Instagram posts.

One of the biggest strengths that Instagram boasts is the hash tag. Which draws both communities and ideas together for business or personal usage.

Both are quick and convenient and statistically Snapchat is just one spot behind Instagram.

Which side are you on? Are you an Instagrammer or a Snapchatter? Let us know using our poll.

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  • Connor Ormiston says:

    An interesting read. I knew Snapchat was growing rapidly but not to this level, considering the age of the app. It would be interesting to know what sectors (if any) use Snapchat as a social media (like many use LinkedIn, Twitter etc.) But obviously, measuring this would be difficult as I am not too sure how you would implement Google Analytics to this…

    Thanks for the blog post!

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment. During our research we found a few big names using SnapChat as a social media such as GrubHub, The New York Times. Closer to home though Dominos use it effectively.