Black Friday and Cyber Monday gains popularity in the UK with each passing year. We have now started to taste a fraction of the chaos experienced over in the United States. Envisage a mob of people, often gathering at what can only be described as ungodly hours, each with their own game plan on how they will bag the best deals. Many strategies that these bargain hunters’ employ forfeit courtesies such as please or thank you. So, why not save your customers the hassle and make it easy for them within the comfort of their own home with these E-commerce tips…

Choose The Right Products

Ensure that products for black Friday and cyber Monday are purchases that your customers don’t need to put too much thought into before buying. An example of a spur of the moment buy would be a TV, rather than something like a bathroom suite that requires more consideration.

Have A Returns Policy And Make It Visible

Some customers like the added assurance that even if they buy now, the option is there to return even if it is a sale item. Make sure your returns policy is visible or at least easy to locate as could just be the difference between a conversion or a missed sale.

Blog About Your Up And Coming Offers

A blog post is a good place to highlight your best deals and will help you gain traction for your sale in organic search. Don’t just restrict yourself to one post either. The more posts you can come up with the better for search. Keep them original and make them interesting and informative.

In addition to the SEO Benefits, a well-written blog has a chance of being picked up, cited or linked to by other websites. Obtaining positive external links is always a plus in our books.

Create Beautiful Informative Banners

If you haven’t already invested some time into coming up with banner ideas then you should start brainstorming. Banners create a focal point on your website that a customer can view as soon as they land on your page. They should capture attention and provide a clear call to action or encourage users to keep on browsing.

Don’t Forget Your Server

Before you set off with your promotion you will need to suss out if your site will simply buckle with an upsurge in traffic. Keeping your site up and running should be a priority for your business so get the techys involved and make sure it can cope with all those lovely extra visitors.

Security Needs To Be Sorted

Now, we don’t want to confuse things, but this tip is important. Make sure your site has SSL certification and that it hasn’t expired. You will lose customers if you haven’t got an SSL or it has expired as people like to see the little green padlock as it makes them feel that their card details are safe.

Speedy Sites Are Successful Sites

Page load speed is a factor that could leave your sale hanging in the balance. If your page loads quickly, in a users mind your site is more likely to be efficient and trustworthy. Check your site speed and ensure your site is running smoothly. The time you shave off your customers wait will again prevent them from heading to another site.

Banish Shopping Cart Errors

There are no two ways about it, this problem will kill your conversion rate. A test of your checkout should be conducted sale or no sale. Don’t wait for a customer to tell you your checkout doesn’t work.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

If your site is secure or if you have lots of happy customers let your visitors know that they are in good hands. Display your customer testimonials and reviews clearly as your visitors will still be on the look out for proof of credibility.

Make Sure Your Site Is Mobile Friendly

Seems daft to include but you would be surprised just how many sites still do not consider mobile. A sure-fire way to lose customers is if the mobile version of your site is a poor reflection of its desktop counterpart.

Reward Mobile Visitors For Checking Out On Mobile

Offer further incentives for people checking out on mobile, maybe an extra discount. “Why?” I hear you ask. If they leave to check out on desktop they may find a better deal on the way.

Create A Targeted Page

Perhaps, you don’t wish to go through the motions of changing things up too much on your site. Create a specific page for your Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. In doing this you will help your SEO and your organic listings as the page will be super targeted to your visitor’s searches. This will likely also reduce pogo sticking and lower your bounce rate which will help with usability metrics.

Keep A “Beady Eye” On Your Inventory

So, your site is equipped to handle the wave of business but can your stock deliver? Plan in advance what you expect your projected sales to be like. No retailer can pin point how successful a sale will be ahead of time but you can certainly hazard a guess. Select the products you are featuring in the sale and work out any changes in a clear format.

If you run out of stock get the product off the site so people can choose something else without getting angry.

Get Your Voucher Codes Everywhere

Use voucher codes. Most voucher sites such as and Groupon allow you to list them on there. This is a good method to promote your price cuts without being too in your face. Get them everywhere. The further they reach the more chance of increased sales.

Test Your Voucher Codes

By now, you’ve sorted your discounts you will be able to bring to the table. However, if your discount codes fail to work then even the best marketing tactics won’t save you. Test your codes before they go live. It may seem obvious but at least you can be sure you won’t have egg on your face come Black Friday.

Stage Your Sale Items To Relieve Server Strain

Very exhibited a very useful way to manage not only the amount of products available but also the traffic that hit their site. They locked specific item bundles and released them in stages at certain times. In essence, users of the site were able to break away from scouring for other deals by giving them something to look forward to. This is the kind of nifty stuff that leads us nicely into our next little trick…

Set Up A Countdown

Build up anticipation with a countdown until the sale begins and ends. Timers for events such as the New Year successfully spark feelings of excitement and pressure. Which is precisely what you want people to associate with your price drops.

Run A TV Campaign

Television offers the opportunity to reach an awful lot of people and at the same time target the type demographic that is likely to be watching. If your budget allows it, you can combine a spark of creativity with this medium and see your site climb the E-com ladder.

Place A Radio Advert

In a world full of ad- hating shoppers, radio offers a silver lining. Radio has steered away from blocking advertisements and becomes one of the remaining platforms that actually embraces them still. Running a radio ad is cheaper than a TV ad and captures a whole other market.

Do a Leaflet Drop Or Press Advert

If you don’t wish to go down the path of building a noticeable TV or radio campaign or don’t have the budget; choose print. Printed based options such as leaflets and spots in a newspaper still prove to be a mighty advertising tool and are much much cheaper.

Run A Targeted Facebook Ad Campaign

With Facebook adverts, you can spend as much as you want and gain positive results. Despite a recent boost in notoriety many companies, including the big players, still haven’t fully made the most of Facebook ads. Gain that slight edge over your competition with a newer form of promotion. You can target your exact market with Facebook ads at a much cheaper cost per click than anything else out there.

Twitter Ads Are Also Awesome

Some neglect Twitter ads. A misconception has formed that you won’t be able to harvest the most useful data for future use. If you thought this, you could be missing out. Not only can you recover important information such as conversion type, you can really go to town with the customisation of your ad. Twitter is generally a much younger audience so bear this in mind when setting it up. Costs are still very reasonable so this option is well worth a go.

Target Your Audience Well

Twitter and Facebook advertisements enable you to target your advertisements to a specific demographic. This can be based on anything from gender to age. If you leave yourself plenty of time then you could even run A/B split tests to view what type of ad your audience responds to best.

Guerrilla Tactics

If you mistook this for gorilla marketing, you’re forgiven. This form of marketing is on the more creative side, often becoming a sensation throughout social media. We won’t drone on about this one. Instead, we will let the pictures do the talking…


Jump On Relevant #Hashtags

Jump on any relevant hashtag that relates to Black Friday, Cyber Monday or your industry. Social media networks such as Twitter are synonymous with this little symbol and its ability to open up your content to an entirely new community.

Run A Google Adwords Campaign

You’re probably thinking why isn’t this step taking pride of place at the top of our list? Google Adwords should be the necessity that is fresh in your mind. You can pick the keywords you would like to focus on and put your name on it. On a short-term basis, Adwords works faster than SEO and has the potential to drive traffic to your site instantly. If we are being a bit wayward you could bid on words connected with you competitors. But, you didn’t hear that from us…

Optimise Your Title Tags For Click Through

Even if you’re setting up a page that will be redirected as soon as the sales conclude, you should still be optimising those title tags. Preferably, placing the terms Black Friday or Cyber Monday right at the start of the tag. Make sure you optimise them with conversion and click through in mind though rather than for search engines

Optimise Your Meta Descriptions For Click Through

Strong Meta descriptions are both informative and compelling. Whilst, this tip will not earn you brownie points with Google you will be optimising them for an optimal click through rate.

Don’t Forget To Cross Sell Products

When offering deals you may want to suggest other items for your customers to increase basket size. If you are planning to cross-sell make sure the items are super relevant to your main product to have the best chance of being added in the midst of your more tempting deals!

Give yourself time to plan

Whilst, there are some tips that can be ticked off the list easily, not all of these steps can be executed overnight. Make sure you have time to produce and execute your amazing marketing plan.

(BONUS TIP) Make sure you offer some hefty price drops – Black Friday and Cyber Monday work because of the huge discounts. If your margins will not allow such drops then we would recommend focussing on the January Sales.

There you have it 30 tips for a more profitable Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Most of the tips above stand true for ecommerce in general and all promotions.

We hope you’ve found our E-commerce tips handy!