The Hidden Google Chrome Dinosaur Game

Entertaining | 27th February 2015 | Mark


I like to ride this dinosaur around the office and sometimes to the shops.

This past weekend I stumbled upon something beautiful in Google Chrome during a fit of rage that followed my home WiFi connection dropping out. 

I’ve seen a few interesting reactions to an unstable WiFi connection over the years; while some find solace in taking a few deep breaths before repeatedly unplugging/replugging their router, others take a more ‘bad cop’ approach to coax their WiFi into working by getting the router in a headlock.

I on the other hand, am a masher.

Last week I dropped my only Pop-Tart onto the living room carpet; 30 seconds later that tasty pastry was getting mashed good on the kitchen counter before heading to the bin. Something irks me, I mash it with my palm, that’s just how this truck rolls.

Long story short – I lost my WiFi connection during the final leg of a particularly volatile eBay bidding war, and got this.

The Google 'Unable to Connect' game begins here

Needles to say, I went mash-happy.

But Then…


Something bodacious and awesome happened; the dinosaur, that tiny-armed reptoid which we normally can’t stand the sight of started to make a move.

The ground beneath him stretched out and he moved those little legs at an incredible rate, rocketing him forward like some kind of scaly racecar… a ‘scale-xtric’, if you will.

Look at those legs. Fantastic.

Now let’s be straight, I’m a 26 year old man who works with computers, I know a minigame when I see one. I fiddled around with the keys until I found that the space key makes our tenacious T-Rex leap over the oncoming cacti, and then I was hooked.

The eBay auction became a distant memory, and I felt a warmth wash over me in the realization that I’ll never mash in anger during a WiFi cutout again.

How to Play the Google Chrome Dinosaur Game


It turns out this isn’t a new thing and I’m just incredibly far behind on finding this, but I can’t be the only one.

Here’s how you activate the game and sit out spells without a web connection.

Either disconnect your internet/WiFi or simply wait for it to stop working one day; if you’re buying your internet from Richard Bacon these days, this shouldn’t take long.

Once you see the usual dinosaur icon and the message “Unable to Connect to the Internet”, mash the space key and the game will begin. Then, it’s simply a case of hitting the space key to jump each cactus, and racking up the highest score that human eyes have ever seen.

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Google Chrome's dinosaur minigame is addictive and unforgiving.